Written Instructions

Jumping both wheels off the ground at once will help you out of some tight jams and over many obstacles – whether you’re in the forest or the city.

1. Start out by trying to hop over a line on the ground, then move to a thin stick and progress from there.

2. Keep your cranks horizontal.

3. Angle the toes of your back foot toward the ground and keep your knees bent. This position looks similar to a sprinter crouching in the blocks.

4. Lean your upper body over the handlebars and keep your weight centered. (Image 1)

5. Roll up to the object at jogging speed and at a perpendicular angle. (Image 2)

6. Concentrate on the correct footwork for the jump. You actually push your feet down, back, then up in one dynamic motion.

7. Crouch down on the bike just before reaching the object.

8. Use the footwork and the compression of your tires to explode upward. (Image 3)

9. Absorb your landing in your arms and legs. “Land like a cat, not a sack of potatoes,” says Hans. (Image 4)


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The stronger your explosion, the higher the jump. At its highest point, you can try to hold it.

Use the rebound of your tires and suspension to your advantage – these will aid the explosive motion.

Ride at medium speed. If you go too slow it takes forever to get over the object. Advises Hans, “Your airtime should be as short as possible so you retain control of the jump.”