Trials & Trails with Kenny Belaey March 14th 2009 – Maui, Hawaii
By Hans Rey

I just finished a fantastic week in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with the current UCI #1 ranked Trials rider in the world, Kenny Belaey from Belgium.

We were actually filming a 30 Min. TV show for Kenny’s TV series on the Extreme Sports Channel. Kenny had asked me to take him on some epic mountain bike rides – adventure style; while he planned on taking me trials riding and blowing my mind with some incredible moves. Well, let me just say, ‘he succeeded’.

Its amazing how trials has developed and evolved over the past two decades, not only the bikes, but the techniques and levels of difficulty are unbelievable, levels I would have never dreamed of, even 10 years ago. The level is so incredible that many of the lines and moves, cannot be done on foot, without a bike!!!!


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Ho-hum… just another day at the office. That’s me in the center of each frame.