Hans Rey wants to bike on the moon.

OK, so the idea may be a bit of a stretch—NASA turned him down when he asked—but if there’s anyone who would have a chance of making it happen, it’d be Hans. He’s ridden in more than 70 countries. He’s taught a chimp to bike. He counts Tim Commerford from Rage Against the Machine as a riding buddy. He’s appeared on more than 350 magazine covers. He’s bungee jumped into a river on his bike, and President George H.W. Bush shook his front tire.

When talking about someone like Hans Rey, it’s hard to know where to begin. Walking around his house in Laguna, CA, the menagerie of souvenirs crowding the walls read like a world map: masks from Kenya, rocks from near the Great Pyramids, and a life-sized replica of a terra-cotta warrior from his trip to China are a few examples. And that’s just in his living room.

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