GT Bicycles : Official GT Bicycles site,check for info, bikes, races,and more.
Adidas Five Ten  : Official site of Adidas shoes and textiles, check for news, products, team and more.
SRSuntour :
Crank Brothers :
Evil Eye :
SQ-lab : Hans’ new choice of ergonomic and comfortable saddles
Stans : Hans’ wheel sponsor
SHIMANO : Shimano’s official site
Shimano Steps eBikes:
Disentis Sedrun : Swiss Mountain Resort
www.alpstours.net : Biking trips, tours, vacations and workshops in Italy
Deuter : Hydration Packs, Sleeping Bags and Rucksacks
Fix Manufacturing : Wearable & Portable Tools
Visit Laguna Beach : Official Tourism Site for Laguna Beach

Other Cool Sites

www.wheels4life.org : Hans’ new non-profit charity to provide people in need with bikes
www.kramermedical.com : This orthopedic/sports medicine practice in Southern California is my top choice.
Villa Rey Countryhouse in Umbria, Italy : Dream-house rental
www.trialsport.de : Cool German moto and bike trials web-site/magazine
www.landmarkeducation.com : Landmark Education is a life-changing experience; I can highly recommend to anyone.
www.bikers-illustrated.de : Cool Illustrations by Boris Krauss like the one of Hans on the homepage
www.declinemagazine.com : Check out Decline’s fresh site, its all about Freeride and DH.
www.ewpnet.com/  : Trekking and Mountaineering Tour Operator, check out trip to Mt. Kenya and other places
www.mecki.com : One of the coolest bike shops and web-sites, Lago di Garda, Italy
www.letsATV.com : Motocross, enduro, and ATV tours in San Diego and Baja California Mexico
Mountain Bike Magazine : Mountain Bike Magazine’s online site, with daily news, product tests, results, interviews and more.
The Flow Riders : Check out the official site of Dangerous Dan and the notorious Flow Riders.
Robin Coope’s Trials link page: Trials stuff
Mercury Press Photo/Press Library : Press and Photo agency official site with many photos and articles for sale.
bike Magazine – Germany  : German bike magazine news and info in German.
Rainbow Bicycles : Rainbow Bicycle Shop, check for special deals on bikes and products.
www.bikeco.com : Cool bike shop where Hans gets his bikes tuned.
Too Much Fun : Special Events and Promotions in Baja California Mexico; from Mountain Bike fun rides, Beach Motocross, Beach Festivals and more.
Explore Bolivia : Info on adventure trips to Bolivia (biking, hiking, rafting, film productions,..)
www.commonsenseband.com : Check out one of Hans’ favorite bands, featured in many of his videos.
www.pacificblue.com : Official web site of the TV show ‘Pacific Blue’, air dates, news, info about the actors and stuntmen.
www.bobtrailers.com : the ultimate travel and functional bike trailers, and full suspension kid’s strollers.
www.bike-aid.de : Cool help organization that raises money for every foot you ascent/descent
www.montanabob.com : Official site of action sports photographer Bob Allen (Biking, snowboarding, Skiing, Running, and more).
www.jefflenosky.com : Check out Jeff Lenosky’s site!
www.freemanimages.com : Action sports photography by Bill Freeman
www.k-wind.biz : very cool and functional headwear I use them lots under my helmet, for workouts and in cool weather
www.sherco-moto.com : Official site of Sherco, Hans’ trials moto
richard-long.blogspot.com/ : a blog dedicated to the late, great Richard Long, founder of GT and my mentor
www.trials.co.uk : Best moto trials site, news, results, links,….
Bike Trials : bike trials web site with much info on trials products and more…
www.transfinder.com : 21 Google Maps Routing Tracking Scheduling Tips
www.topfun.com : Moto trials store; parts, clothing, videos,….
www.stevepeat.com : Official Steve Peat site
www.brianlopes.com : Official Brian Lopes site
The Official Charles Kelly website : One of the real mountain biking pioneers
www.bike-unlimited.de : German Mountain Biking web site
ZZ – WATU771 : Hans – VideoClips – Jingles – Music and more…
legendarytimes.com : Official site of the Archaeology, Astronautics and SETI Research Association
BIKEPARK.net : Site of the best mountain bike park in the world, the BMW Bikepark in Bischhofsmais/Germany
www.trial-shows.de : German Trial Show Team with Stefan Schlie & Raimund Raschkowski
Dansker & Aspromonte Law : Is a Helmet Worth It? How Brain Injuries Affect Different Body Functions
www.carosello3000.it : “Livigno’s Carosello 3000 mountain has great views and biking trails”
Alps Bike Tours  : Mountain bike tours and transalp biking trips.
ZEEWEB.com : Web hosting, design and marketing