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Racing the locals in Uganda during a Wheels 4 Life trip 2013

Laguna Trials Session 2014

Fun riding in Corsica with Trials Champ Kenny Belaey May ’14

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With BMX legend “The Condor” Mat Hoffman at the CSG UK Launch Aug.’14

Hans on his 530 KTM in the Santa Ana Mountains 2013

Meeting with the Adidas Boss Herbert Hainer at Herzog Base to recognize my 20 years with the brand  April ’13

A rare Trials Show for long-time sponsor LUK in Offenburg, Germany  May’13

Malta demo tour with Skate legends Rodney Mullen, Rob Roskopp and Natas Kaupas sometime around 1990+/-

Danny MacAskill and Hans during their ride in Livigno 2012
Scary and skinny shortcut during the inaugural MTB Ayiti event in Haiti 2013
Photo-shoot with Mountain Bike Action crew (Jimmy Mac and John Ker) at their studio  2013

Laguna RADS St. Patty’s ride above mystic Laguna Beach 2013
Lobbying for biking with IMBA President Mike Van Abel on Capitol Hill 2013
25 years of Mountain Bike Worlds anniversary in Villard de Lans with legends Joe Breeze, Jacquie Phelan, Gary Fisher and Ned Overend and THE banner 2012

Carmen riding our home trail in Laguna, March 2013
Danny MacAskill, Julien Giacomelli and Hans tackling one of the steepest chutes near Livigno, Italy 2012
Danny MacAskill, Julien Giacomelli and Hans tackling one of the steepest chutes near Livigno, Italy 2012

Mick Hannah wore this jersey at the Windham World Cup 2011 in memory of my late father – thank you Team GT Hans Rey

A crowded taxi ride in Salt Lake with Ron and climbers Dean Potter, Bernd Zangerl and Beat Kammerlander, Jan. ’11

With legendary Reinhold Messner at the Adidas Outdoor booth at the OR Show in SLC, Jan. ’11

Hans as stunt-double for German comedian Otto Waalkes during a shoot of the new Willy Bogner IMax film in St. Moritz (May 2012).

Hans with Stompin Stu Thomsen, King of the Skateparks Eddie Fiola, and Brian ‘Flyin’ Lopes at the Dirt Lab 2010

Hans with Rage bassist Timmy C and tennis legend John McEnroe at the recording of the W4L film, Malibu 2010

Hans floating in the Dead Sea, Jordan 2010

Extreme Skier Glen Plake, still sporting his mohawk – he motivated me in the early 90’s to become a “Extreme Mountain Biker”

Wadi Rum desert Jordan, 2010

Andreu Codina was the first ever Bike Trials star and my hero, Laguna Beach 2010

Hans with the Giant MacAskill, Danny MacAskill, Peaty in Scotland ’10

The Flow Country trail guardians in Bischofsmais, Germany 2010

Hans at the Mottolino Bike Park in Livigno

Hans, during a recent NASA Mars Mission, he recently become US citizen. The previous lack of having a US passport was the whole reason NORBA changed its rules for the US National Championships in 1987, after Hans had won it with his Swiss Passport they had no choice but give him the title, before they changed rules for the following year.

Illustration by Boris Krauss

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Live on the set with Donny & Marie, 1998

Hans dropin in at the new stunts at the Swatch Bike Park Livigno 2009

Lakers All Star “Magic Hansen” and Steve “the terrible pig” Peat”, at the Wharncliffe Weekender ’09

“See – I don’t always need a bike!” Good times with Carmen in the Maldives 2009

Remember GT’s Catch & Release ad campaign? Here we go!

In the background are the remains of King Arthur’s legendary Camelot Castle in Cornwall.

With the adidas Freeride Team on safari in Botswana 2009

Mr. and Mrs. Rey on their big day at the Luton Hoo in England 2008

Taylor Hawkins, the drummer of the Foo Fighters stopped by my house to take my GT Force for a spin. March ’09

Whistler Bike Park trip with Miron, TR, Lopes, Fuzzy, Heath, Pingree, Tippie, Richie, Rory, Billy 2007

Wade Simmons, Richie Schley and Hans Heli Biking in Nepal’s Langtang Mountains ’07

Hans’ alpine summer hideout in Livigno/ Alta Rezia Region ’07

Above Rio in the shadow of Corcovado 2001

Hans and Peaty headless, after their search for headhunters in Borneo 2000

The Lopes’ and the Hans’ ’08

Hans and Carmen on their ride around Kilimanjaro Jan.’08

African singletrail on the carbon Zaskar ’08

Two of my heros – Andy Patterson former BMX World Champ (Skyway) was my hero before I ever came to the States, Gary Turner, aka Mr. GT (right) was my hero ever since. Las Vegas Oct. ’07

4X, XC, Trials, DH – we got it covered – Lopes, Frischi, Hans, Peaty Laguna Oct.’07

The new GT Force (6incher) in action in Switzerland at the GT Press

I’ve been riding GT’s for a long time, (approx. 400 BC)

Moto GP time at Donington Park; Hazanator, Hans and Alex Hofmann, June ’07

Villa Rey is Hans’ sisters Silvia and her husband Jürgen’s Bike Hotel in Panicale Umbria, Italy (

The groms aka Adiridas at Hans’ (they brought the Budweiser crap)

Hans, Brian Lopes and Moto GP pilot Alex Hofmann after a muddy bike ride in Switzerland at the GT Media Camp, June’07

Crank Brothers Party in Vegas – Hans, HB and Voreis are the Blue Man Group 2006

Greg Herbold and Hans going big in Vegas, Crank Brothers Party Ghost Bar 2006

Kenda Legends (from left) Hans, Tomac, EC, Lopes and Tinker, 2006

My favorite from the Cliffs of Moher, Peaty holding the video cam, 2006

RADS & special guest, Minjin founder, Glen Jacobs from down/under (3rd from left in back row). Spring 2006

First Annual Bavarian Lederhosen Rally, with the Laguna Rads summer 2006, not your conventional mountain bike event

Painting of Hans trials bike by Taliah Lempert, 2003

No, I’m not the real deal! – Las Vegas 2006

Hans and the current UCI Trials World Champ Kenny Belaey, Downtown Los Angeles April ’06

Hans on his trials moto at the Earl Shilton (UK) Trials Club

Hans on his winning Leaping Lizard Dowhill run Laguna Beach, CA May ’06

Karen Eller, Hans and Holger Meyer sampling trails near St. Moritz, Alta Rezia ,June’06

On the set of Pacific Blue 1996

Rockin like Rockstars Audioslave’s bass player and hardcore mountain biker Timmy C with Frischi and Hans July ’05

Hans with his girlfriend Carmen

Pacific Cycle President, Jeff Frehner presents Hans a trophy of recognition

Going down at Northshore in Vancouver on Flying Circus

Whistler Sept.’04

Capetown 1997

Mr. Jiggs goes on a ride with Hans 1995

Hans and ‘The Devil” at the 2004 Tour de France

Hans Wall Ride

Wade, Thomas, Hans and Richie in Italy ’04

Super T, Hans and Cedric in Saalbach


Hans & Lopes in Japan Oct. 03

Hans at the Grand Canyon Oct. 03

Hans riding a spinning hamsterwheel for bikes

Hans in a trials event in Germany around 1983 – check out his “LTS TrialChamp” with a drum-brake, 3-speed internal rear hub, moto levers and rubber boots

Biking Legend Ned Overend talking with Hans at the Lake Garda Festival in Italy, May ’03

Hans on his new i-drive Ruckus

BMX legend Dave Mirra, Hans, Brian Lopes and freeride sensation Kyle Straight during a commercial shoot for Bell helmets, Feb. ’03.

Madona Thorne, Kyle Straight, Hans, Brian Lopes and Rick Thorne – holding Bell helmets Toshi during a commercial shoot in California ’03.

Wall Ride – Huntington Beach, CA 1992

Hans with extreme kayaker, Schorshi Schauf – Austria 1999

Hans on the glacier – Sölden 1999

Emerging from an underwater landing, after a bungy jump – New Zealand 1995

A classic moment in rush hour traffic on the 405 freeway – Los Angeles 1989

Dicing it out with a skier. The early days of snowbiking – Montana 1992

The making of “Tread”, the first ever Mountain Bike film – Moab, Utah 1993.

Sightseeing in London 1990

Trials show – Vail, Co 1994

Former President George Bush is talking about foreign policies with Hans, 1997

Super Riders at Japan’s famous and popular trials TV program “Muscle Ranking – Super Rider” from left: Hiroshi Hirano, Cesar Canas, David Ewerhart, Hans, Daniel Crosset, Ot Pi

Hans’ parents being interviewed for a new biography TV program by Emmy Award winning cinematographer, Michael Graber

Hans made one of the famous Buckingham Palace Guards talk, we won’t quote what he said…..sometime around 1991

Hans’ Show during the SWATCH Wave Tour in Long Beach, CA, 2000

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Hans’ early days, AMC Emmendingen/Germany, approx. 1980

Hans on a Russian Tank during his visit in Moscow, 1998

Just before riding down a 14-story skyscraper in Auckland/New Zealand, 1998

Hans on his new toy, a Bultaco Sherco 2.9 trials motocycle

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Flirting with boulders….

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“Oh No!”  One wheel action in Laguna Beach, 1999

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Adventure Team photo shoot in the California desert, 1999

Hans having fun in the Austrian Alps during a recent photoshoot , Aug. 2000

Hans playing with his trials moto in Sicily

Tara Llanes and Hans presenting the first ever NEA Extreme Sports Award to Anne Caroline Chauson in Munich, Aug. 2000

Playing on the glacier above Sölden (Austria) with ADIDAS ADVENTURE TEAM members Schorschi Schauf (Kayak) and Beat Kammerlander (Ice Climber).

Walter Art.hofer and Hans speeding down the bob sled run in Cortina, Italy, 1997

Hans getting away from some elephants during his bike safari in South Africa, 1997

Hans’ arrival in Machu Picchu, after riding the famous Inca Trail in Peru, 1995

Lion food – Greg Herbold and Hans in Africa, 1997

Hans competing in the traditional Mammoth trials event, 1998

Hans doing the infamous Leapin Lizard, Laguna RADS Downhill Race, around 1989

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Hans visiting a 400 year old farmhouse in Umbria, Italy

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Hans in Val’Udina, Switzerland, during his Transalp trip with the RADS in September, 1999

Hans and Jordi Tarres (center) on the podium at the first ever European Championships, in Germany 1982

Hans saluting the Military Bike Police of Panama, after teaching them a trick or two. Nov/00

Artsy trials riding – Laguna Beach, CA 1992

Hans at the Bogner IMAX movie premiere in Berlin, on top of a moving, brand new, $70,000 Audi All Road

Hans hangin with buddies Steve Peat, Zap and Brian Lopes

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Live on the set with Donny & Marie, 1998