Four Decades of Biking with Hans Rey – 1,000pc Jigsaw Puzzle

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A Life of Mountain Bike Adventures – 25 Years of Riding The World

To buy the German version of my coffee-table book please click here.

The content of this book is similar than the English language version (A Life Of Mountain Bike Adventures), all the stories and captions are translated into German. Book will ship from Germany.

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GRAB YOUR PASSPORT AND JOIN HANS REY for a mountain bike journey around the world in 224 pages. A Life Of Mountain Bike Adventures offers a glimpse into Hans Rey’s 25 year career as a professional mountain biker and icon, riding his bicycles in some of the most beautiful and remote places on Earth. Known for his extreme biking skills, Hans not only explores and rides places where no one has before, he also showcases the rich cultures, wonderful people, and history. Often joined by fellow world-renowned cyclists and some of the best outdoor photographers whose breathtaking images will transport you right into the moments. From Machu Picchu in Peru to the glaciers of the Alps, the Pyramids of Egypt, the Himalayas, to the Jungles of Borneo.

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Limited edition Hans Rey/Adidas Eyewear glasses

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Adidas’ Evil Eye Pro sunglasses ensure crisp vision for all your hard-charging, adrenaline-pumping adventures with a removable sweat blocker, ideal for outdoors, cycling or skiing. Decentered Vision Advantage polycarbonate lenses and Grip Systems temples. These are limited edition of only 25 glasses with this rasta look and design to celebrate Hans Rey’s 25th anniversary as a professional mountain biker.

These glasses are not available for sale anywhere else, each pair has Hans’ signature and its number (see side of frame). The sweat bar and lenses are removable. They come in two sizes (Small or Large). The glasses pictured are size Small (size large has slightly bigger lenses).


  • Decentered Vision Advantage polycarbonate lenses ensure distortion-free vision and reduced eye fatigue
  • Light Stabilizing Technology provides maximum peripheral view with contrast enhancement and natural colors
  • Simple, fast and sturdy Quick-Change Lens System enables adaptation to all light and weather conditions (additional lenses included)
  • TRI-FIT temples adjust the angle of wear to comfortably protect against harmful UV rays
  • Double-Snap Nose Bridge non-slip nose pads adjust to optimize height and resting position
  • Durable wrap-around nylon frame
  • Non-slip and pressure-free Grip Systems temples
  • Quick-release hinges break free under impact increasing longevity
  • Detachable sweat blocker prevents sweat from running into eyes and obscuring vision
  • Ventilation system prevents fogging
  • Prescription compatible (not included)
  • Hard case and microfiber cleaning bag included
  • Made in Austria


This NEW documentary on DVD chronicles the life to date of Hans Rey, who is widely considered the pioneer of extreme mountain biking. By following his story from a small town in Southern Germany to his current homes in California and Tuscany we learn how a boy with a bike and a dream made his way into Mountain Biking’s Hall of Fame.

40 Min. plus bonus footage | Watch the Trailer

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Hans Rey – Classic Videos Collection (1992 – 1997)

This DVD includes 4 of Hans Video from the 90ties, total length 2 hours. Including: “Hans No Way Rey”, “Level Vibes”, “Monkey See – Monkey Do” and “Big Five”

Price: $15.00 each

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Wheels 4 Life – The Film – A Story About Giving, 2010



This film features one of our Wheels 4 Life charity projects in Tanzania and show how we work and why bicycles are so important in the Third World, narrated by John Mc Enroe.

Length 40 Min.,

Price: $10.00 each

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