June 27, 2007

Photos by Carmen Freeman

Last weekend I entered with a 4 men team the Mountain Mayhem 24h race at Malverns in the UK. Its one of Britains biggest cycling event with over 2500 participants.

On my team was my longtime friend Jay Hardy aka Top Gun, as well as Jim and Craig, who won the spots on my team courtesy of Adidas Eyewear UK.

We had the perfect crew and set up, including our own wrench, Mike, a big tent, BBQ, fold-out- beds, private shitters, and our own fan club – the Evil Eye Posse – who, along with Carmen and Haz, cheered us on all night long.

It was all good and fun until it started to rain halfway through the race at 2am, from then on it turned into a miserable mud fest. Lap times almost doubled and the wheels were hardly turning anymore, to the point where I had to push and carry my bike even on some downhill sections. We managed about 18 laps, (some solo guys did more than that!!!), I have no idea how we ended up, but we sure had tons of fun.