Hi all there,

I`m proud to announce, that our long term planned but never realized first descent through “Val de Mesdi” (Mittagstal) is successfully finished.

“Val de Mesdi” is one of the most famous off pist skiing and climbing routes in the north italian dolomites.

Bike legend Hans Rey and Christian (Picco) Piccolruaz, extrem freerider from Innsbruck, incredibly overtook gravity on their way from approximately 3000 vertical meters through the valley to the italian ski-resort Corvara.

The partly 40 degrees steep “Val de Mesdi” definately never saw something like a mountain bike tire ever before.

You`ll see one of the pictures as a double page “hot shot” in the next coming german BIKE-Magazin. The full story will appear in the german FREERIDE-Magazin next year.

Here a few pics of this epic trip


Markus Greber
(all photos copyright by Markus Greber – [email protected])