Mysteries, theories and cover-ups about the Great Pyramid and surroundings!

by Hans Rey

“Man fears time – Time fears the pyramids.” Egyptian Proverb

That’s the two inch statue of Cheops, after which the Great Pyramid was named

One of the main inspirations to do my latest Egypt Adventure was to take a closer look at all the legends and evidence surrounding the Great Pyramid, but also looking into the politics and the ignorance of many Egyptologists. There is a lot of evidence that the Great Pyramid is much older than officially recognized. Modern historians tell that it was built about 2500 BC, but more and more indications are surfacing, dating that the Pyramids in Giza including the Sphinx are from around 10500 BC. There have been a lot of nonsense and farfetched theories which need to be discarded, but there is a heck of a lot of information that makes one wonder. Here are some facts about the Pyramids in Giza, I don’t want to call them coincidences, because there are too many coincidences that I don’t believe in them any more. There are no written records of who, when, why, and how the Pyramids were built. They have been there as long as mankind. No hieroglyphs have ever been found in any of the three pyramids of Giza, nor any mummies or buried pharaohs. As a matter of fact modern Egyptologists have only two farfetched speculations after which they named the Great Pyramid and the Second Pyramid; Cheops (a.k.a Khufu) and Chefren (a.k.a. Khafra) who were pharaohs, and who might have restored the pyramids and/or claimed them as theirs, but who most likely didn’t build them. The first theory was already proven as a fraud and scam. An old English Egyptologist who was under lots of pressure to come up with some finds some 160 years ago forged some hieroglyphs, which he painted himself inside the Great Pyramid. He interpreted as Cheops – and came to the conclusion that he must have been the builder. The other evidence is a joke that can be seen at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, it is a 2 inch statue of the pharaoh Cheops which was found in a tomb nearby, not inside, the Great Pyramid. That was enough evidence for our modern Egyptologists to name it after him. These pyramids are masterpieces of architecture, which contain endless mathematical and astronomical formulas and measures. Even with our modern technology we could not rebuild a structure like this today. There are over 2,3 million blocks of stone and granite; some of them weight over 40 tons. The pyramids are exactly aligned on the North / South axis of the compass. They are located on the exact center of the land mass of the earth. The distance to the center of the earth and to the North Pole is the same. Mathematical formulas and numbers like the constant Pi (3,14) were used to construct the Pyramids, Pythagoras who supposedly invented this formula lived much later. The three pyramids in Giza form a Pythagorean triangle whose sides have the proportions 3:4:5 The pyramid is a giant sun dial and calendar. The list goes on and on…..

The secret door with two metal braces at the end of the 60m long Gantenbrink Shaft inside the Great Pyramid Copyright R. Gantenbrink

Since many years Egyptologists claim that there are no more mysteries or secret chambers and that everything about the pyramids is known to the public. Bullshit!! It’s worse than the Mafia, all these Egyptologist care about is their own career; and they want to make sure they don’t contradict the theories they been preaching for years. Whenever they find something which doesn’t fit into their concept, they just disregard it, or name it some religious or symbolic object…. I’ve looked into this matter and I read many books from either side, to me it is clear that the pyramids haven’t revealed their secrets yet. One thing is almost certain, most of the pyramids in Egypt, might have been build by the pharaohs, but not the ones in Giza, they are way superior and still in much better conditions than any of the more recent built pyramids. There are incredible parallels and connections to our planetary and star systems. The old Egyptians have always admired the Star Sirius, the pyramids are not only aligned with the stars and planets, but if one looks at a map of all the pyramids in the greater Cairo area, one notices that they are exactly in relationship with Orion’s Belt, Sirius, the North Star…. More interesting is the fact that this was the case 10500 BC, nowadays our Earth has slightly changed in relationship to those stars; since our planet/galaxy moves every hundred years slightly. Nobody ever mentioned what the ancient Arabian legends say about the Pyramids. According to Al-Maqrizi the pyramids were build by the biblical Saurid a.k.a. Enoch a.k.a. Hermes a.k.a. Idris a.k.a. the Khitat before the Great Flood to preserve all knowledge of mankind within the Pyramids. Incredible revelations were also made at the beginning of this century by the American medium Edgar Cayce. Whatever the general opinion is on ESP, it has to be noted, that Cayce’s predictions regarding the Giza plateau have widely been confirmed.

Hans and Dr. Hawass’ assistant inside the Kings Chamber of the Great Pyramid

Egyptologist declare all these facts as rubbish or coincidences, nevertheless, they close the pyramids every year to search for more tunnels and chambers within the pyramids, although they tell us that there are no more chambers and tunnels…… Ancient tunnels and causeways between the pyramids and the Sphinx have been suspected for years, now all of a sudden they were found….. NASA (yes, NASA) Teams have been reported at the excavation sites in recent years. In 1993 a sensational event took place at the pyramid. The unexpected, unthinkable, occurred, an event so unfathomable and incomprehensible to classically trained archaeologists that it shattered and totally devastated the established framework of Egyptology. But the shock waves were suppressed, contained, trivialized, and an even greater sensation – one of the most important events in human history, comparable to the discovery of an extraterrestrial intelligence – was swept under the rug. Rudolf Gantenbrink, a German engineer delivered a stroke of genius. Sixty meters into a previously unknown tunnel inside the pyramid, a small robot with state-of-the-art equipment discovered a door with two metal braces. Until then Egyptologists had always claimed that no metal was used to build the Pyramid. It was also clear and there was lots of evidence, not only from the video which the robot took, that there was something behind this door.

Hans looking into a tunnel that was off limits inside the Great Pyramid

When the whole event reached the press, archaeologists denied basically the whole experiment and even worse discredited Gantenbrink of his brilliant discovery. Since then nothing, known to the public, has been done to open this door. With modern technology it would be absolutely no problem to open this door, what are they trying to hide from us or what are they afraid of? After all, they are funded with pubic funds and tax money; they owe to inform the public of their finds. I asked Dr. Zahi Hawass this question personally when I had the rare chance to interview him. A bit surprised about my knowledge he said that they are planning to open this door probably next year. Meanwhile I found out why he might not be in a hurry with revealing his recent excavations. His boss the minister of archaeology will resign later on this year, chances are that Hawass will fill his position and would consequently be credited with all the discoveries then. Hopefully this will change their system a bit, but there are many other and more important and lucrative reasons for the Egyptologist to hold back with their information. Many ancient reports and legends talk about secret chambers and treasures which content will be much more valuable than the face value of the expected gold. Ancient maps of secret chambers exist and plenty of weird things have happened around the pyramids. Many technological machines have unexplainably failed when operating or conducting tests near or inside the pyramids.

These Egyptologists know exactly what they are doing, they know how to play the game and they know how to answer critical questions. For example, deep down under the Great Pyramid goes a shaft, they call it the “Unfinished Chamber”, it’s is closed to the public, and I have never seen any photos or film materials of it. When I asked Dr. Hawass if we could get permission to go inside this Chamber he generously granted permission in front of the rolling cameras saying that his assistant would take us there. When we got there I was told that the only person with the key to the gate wasn’t working that day. I stayed persistent saying that it would be no problem and that I could return some other day. Happily they agreed that we could do it tomorrow. The next day when I got there, I was told that Dr. Hawass wasn’t around, and we only had his permission for yesterday but not today; again they elegantly gave us the cold shoulder. The following day was Sunday and we had to leave for the Sinai Desert. We planned on stopping by the Pyramids on the way back one week later, and the tourism board even planned a press conference with us at the Pyramids (the press conference was supposed to be about my biking adventure, it had nothing to do with the Pyramids). Anyhow, as I expected, the press conference got canceled because of two holidays upon our return from the desert, although that didn’t prevent Sting from having a concert there that night. We never got to go inside the Unfinished Chamber, not that I expected that Dr. Hawass would tell me, a bike rider, his deepest secrets and his knowledge about the Pyramids, but just the attempt to find out anything proofed to be very interesting. If he would have known my personal interest in this matter he would have probably never even granted me the interview. I found out a lot about how things work in Egypt and with Egyptologists; which explains a lot in itself. Furthermore it was interesting to see the reactions when asked uncomfortable questions. Much work has been done and is still going on there. The Indiana Jones movies are harmless and make reality once again look worse. It’s a pity because if the Pyramids and the Sphinx are really left over “time capsules” with knowledgeable information from an extinct highly advanced civilization who might have lived on our planet long time ago, before the Great Flood, it would be a shame if some selfish modern day explorers mishandle these finds. If they would work hand in hand with all the other scientists and experts, from all fields of science – more understanding and results could probably be archived. On the other hand, who knows, they might be exactly doing this, preserving their finds for a generation to come, who will have the knowledge to really understand it all. Let’s hope for the best. P.S. If you are interested in more information and facts about this subject check out Erich von Däniken’s book ” The Eyes of the Sphinx” (ISBN 0-425-15130-1)