Mountain bike enthusiasts return to gather on the trails of Carosello 3000 for a new edition of the Great Days scheduled from 29th to 31st July 2022. The program edition includes lots of riding, great opportunities for socializing, parties with live music, and the famous bike-game Tutti Frutti Challenge. Also, the news of 2022: the adrenaline-filled top-to-bottom Tk Avalanche.

The event, now in its fourth edition, is based on a well-tested format. It starts in the late afternoon of Friday 29th of July with the Sunset Ride with Hans Rey, a group riding with the last light of the day on the Chili Peppers, a 12 km route that meets the trails Coast to Coast, Lonely Planet and Roller Coaster, one of most famous and well-built flow trails in Europe. At the end of the route, the raiders meet in the Calcheira forest to celebrate the beginning of the weekend with a barbecue and live music.

Saturday, 30th of July is entirely dedicated to the Tutti Frutti Challenge, a fun bike-game for anyone familiar with mountain trails that combines a real riding experience with the digital world of the social media. The initiative is in teams of 2 or 3 people and includes strategy, orientation and exploration within the mountain trails and the town of Livigno. Here the participants have to find check-points, take photos of unlikely characters, solving enigmas and passing special prooves and… get points by publishing Instagram Stories. At the end of the day, waiting for the awards ceremony, music and socializing will be held at the Apres-Bike Alegra. Here there will be also the movie premiere of the last “Gritty in Mexico City – Hans Rey & Rob Warner Urban Adventure”. Late in the evening the party continues with live music at Marcos Pub.

Scheduled for Sunday, 31st of July, the new initiative of 2022 is the Tk Avalanche. This is an adrenaline-filled top-to-bottom where you can challenge your friends on a race and win the title of “King of 3000”. The final descent is preceded by qualifying runs and prizes are available for both categories woman and man. The race is made possible thanks to the partnership with The King Mtb, an Italian riding community with the purpose of promoting the passion for mountain-biking.

The non-competitive souls can join a beautiful Ebike Tour with a special bike guide. The legend of mountain-biking Hans Rey will take all the participants between ancient trails, pristine valleys and amazing landscapes talking about his incredible adventures and giving tips on riding technique.

After a long morning of riding, all the participants in the various initiatives will gather at the Baitel del Plascianet, a tiny refuge immersed in the forest for the Party in the Wood. Here people can share their experiences and greet old and new friends while enjoying a polenta cooked in a cauldron (local dish) accompanied by an alpine BBQ and a few glasses of wine from Valtellina.

The event is organized by Carosello 3000 – Livigno in partnership the Livigno Mtb Guides, the group 360 Valtellina Bike, RH+ and Macial Offroad.  Main sponsor is MET Helmets, a leading company in the design and production of bike helmets. The Great Days initiatives can be purchased at this link as a complete 3-day package or as a single-day participation.

For those who love mountain-biking sharing trails, nature and passion with their friends, the Great Days is the event to join and Livigno the place to be in the Summer 2022.

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