Sports Illustrated Feature on Hans Rey
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Bike Magazine Cover
(Portugal) – August/2002

Velo Tout Terrain Cover
(France) – November/2002

Mountain Bike Plus
(Netherlands) – November/2002

Sport Illustrated Inside Cover

(Italy) – October/2002

GT Bicycles Ad – September/2002

I80 Magazine (USA) – adidas ad inside front cover – January/2002

GT Bicycles Ad – October/2002

Cover bikeBoard magazine (Poland) July/2002

Local News Article

Maxxis Tires Ad – June/2002

FOX FORX Ad -June/2002

Video: Hans and The Adidas Adventure Team
on Tour in Slovenia.
 adventure team

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Hans TV: Check out Hans on the Outdoor Life Network (OLN):

Bicycle Retailer – May/2002

Velo Tout Terrain, France – July/02

BIKE Afondo
(Spain) February/2002

Adidas Evil Eye Ad

Tutto Mountain Bike
(Italy) March/2002

Mountain Bike Magazine
(USA) February/2002