GT Bikes Ad
USA, 2007

Ergon Ad
USA, 2007

Tutto MTB Magazine

Eurobike Catalog
Europe, 2007

Decline Magazine
USAAugust ’07

Wanted Mag
Italy, 2007

Mountain Bike Action
USAOctober ’07

Mountain Bike Action
Italy, October ’07

Velo Tout Terrain Mag.
France, June ’07

Mountain Bike Magazine
Russia, August ’07

X Life Mag.
China / Hong Kong, June ‘07

Spoke Mag.
New Zealand, May’07

“Powerade” Billboard in South Africa
(unauthorized use)

Sambazon Ad on Truck

The Clare People Weekender
Ireland Apr. 07

The Clare People Weekender, Ireland
Ireland Apr. 07

Star News. Ireland Mar. 07

Sambazon Ad

Geo Ado Magazine. France Mar. 07

Daily Mail. Ireland Mar. 07

Examiner News. Ireland Mar. 07

Examiner News. Ireland Mar. 07

Pedaliero Magazine Germany

Sun News. Ireland Mar. 07

Adidas Eyewear Ad

Spoke Mag. New Zealand Feb. 07

Velo Mag. Czech Rep. Feb. 07

Fox Shox Ad