My partner for this trip is nobody less than British downhill legend Steve Peat.  As you are reading this we're in the jungles of  Sarawak/Borneo/Malaysia, searching to find out if there is still any evidence ofheadhunters to be found in the remote rainforest.


tarscher1.jpg (56461 bytes)Today we accomplished day 4 of the "No Way Transalp" adventure. I'am trying to ride the most technical trails, or trails which were considered unridable for bikes, while visiting interesting landmarks along the way. I'am the only rider, although several of our team members us bikes to move along with me. Our team consists of 7 persons. I'am glad to have the best in their fields along on my tour. Bob and Estela Alen for still photography, our cameraman Bernd from Take One on the betacam, the legendary Glen Jacobs as second unit camera, our tour director Uli Stanciu who worked out the route, and last but not least the "Schwab" (Thomas Rebholz)our driver of the ALPS support bus and person for everything.


We recently returned from the first official Adventure Team trip to Central China. It was quite adventurous working with the Chinese Government, but we got to go to some beautiful, mystical, as well as mysterious places. We already started working on a 30 minute TV show for the Outdoor Life network, which is guaranteed to air 12 times in the U.S., Canada, and Latin America. We will also produce photo stories for magazines and newspapers worldwide. Amongst other TV projects, Hans was recently featured on the NBC TV Show “Extra”, “Good Day New York” (FoxTV), New Zealand, Chinese and English programs.


hanscliff-1.jpg (10957 bytes) The latest Hans Rey adventure took place in Bolivia/South America. The challenge was to cross the Andes and drop into the Yunga (jungle) on a pre-Inca trail; and as it turned out, it might have been the most technical trail ever ridden on bicycles. Part of our team was Sara Ballantyne, a former XC World Champion, who had just returned from Morocco where her team had won the Eco-Challenge. Ira Vick was our third team member, an up and coming pro downhill racer (1997 NORBA Natl. DH Champion Semi Pro).

New Zealand (19174 bytes)

This country has always held a special fascination for Hans. That’s why he keeps going back. For his how-to video “Monkey See, Monkey Do”, Hans rode his GT mountain bike off a high bridge with a bungy cord, and plunged completely underwater before being ripped back up into the air still attached to his bike. He also rode the edge of treacherous white water rapids and even herded a few sheep. More recently, he did the unthinkable. As a publicity stunt, Hans rode down the vertical face of an Auckland high-rise. Utilizing a specially designed harness and braking system, Hans descended the 13 stories straight down.

South Africa

For the making of his new video “Big Five” Hans and adventure riding sidekick, Greg “H-Ball” Herbold went to Africa. Here they rode the cliffs above Capetown, pretended to herd wild lions, rhinos, giraffes etc. in a game park (actually they were herded by the animals!), and hung out with the local bushmen experiencing their culture while letting the locals learn, touch, try to ride, and dance with these two crazy Californians.




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