This is a very cool but extremely advanced move – you flip your back end up and hop on the front tire.

1. Adjust your bike seat to a low position.

2. Roll slowly forward with the cranks horizontal. (Image 1)

3. Pull your front brake until it locks 100 percent, and hold it with a maximum of two fingers. (You need the others to hang on.)

4. Lock the brake until your back wheel lifts forward off the ground.

5. Move your butt backward as the rear of the bike comes forward. (Image 2)

6. Slide your feet into the correct position: The rear pedal is vertical and your back toes should point down. You are almost pushing up with the rear foot and holding the bike. (Image 3)

7. Begin hopping when the back tire is at its highest point, and before you lose your balance – like you’re on a pogo stick.

8. Make small, smooth hops. Your arms should be stretched but not solid and stiff.

9. Hop your front tire forward if you begin falling forward, and likewise, hop the rear tire back if you begin to fall backward. This will help you achieve your balance point.

10. Allow the rear of the bike to drop to exit the position.

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“If you have a suspension fork, make sure it’s adjusted very hard or you fight against the suspension,” says Hans. “Yes, even I have the fork adjusted stiffly.”

If you flip over forward, spread your legs and jump off the bike.

“I recommend flat pedals for this trick,” says Hans.

Cheap bike parts might not be able to withstand the weight and force of this trick.