If you find yourself faced with a rock or log in the path, use this technique to scale it quickly. This works much like the bunny hop, except here, one wheel is generally always on the ground and your pace is slower.

1. Note that these instructions work well for objects less than 2 feet tall.

2. Approach the object at medium speed and at a perpendicular angle if possible.

3. Start your move at a distance equal to the object’s height (2 feet in front of a 2-foot-tall rock, for example).

4. Pedal half a stroke as you pull up on the handlebars.

5. Set your front wheel on the object. Your cranks should be horizontal again. (Image 1)

6. Throw your weight over the handlebars, and at the same time push your feet down, back, then up in one motion in order to lift the rear wheel off the ground. (Image 2)

7. Hop the front wheel farther along the object (for, say, a platform) or simply roll your tire off the other side (if it’s a log, for example). (Image 3)

8. Land the rear tire where the front one was. (Image 4)

9. Roll the back tire off the object, or continue along on top of it.

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“Many times, it is easier to go over an obstacle than around it,” says Hans. Adding this skill to your repertoire expands your options when you must choose in a split second.

If you’re skilled and moving fast, bunny hop the shorter objects.

If you’re scaling a short wall or platform, throw your weight forward to bring the rear tire up. But be careful when jumping a log. In this case, keep your weight behind the seat or risk an e