Written Instructions

Standing your bike in one spot gives you time enough to make a quick course decision, or allows the stoplight to change from red to green.

1. Stand on your bike.

2. Spin the cranks to horizontal.

3. Turn your handlebars 45 degrees to whichever side feels most comfortable.

4. Adjust your weight so that your chest is far over the handlebars.

5. Twist your body parallel to the turned handlebars.

6. Keep your legs outstretched and solid on the pedals, but not too stiff. The front foot should hold pressure on the forward pedal.

7. Stick your hip out to the opposite side of the turned handlebars.

8. Stay loose – avoid any stiff or cramped position.

9. Set the brakes with one finger.

10. Make slight adjustments to keep balance.

“I look at a point five feet ahead where it’s calm and focus on something not distracting,” says renowned mountain biker Hans Rey.

You can lean a part of the bike against something to practice, like the front tire against a tree. Or have a friend hold you until you get the positioning down correctly.

Correct your balance early and continually.