This angled jump can lift you sideways onto a curb or safely over trail ruts and tree roots.

1. Start your practice with a painted line on flat ground.

2. Saddle your bike and ride parallel to the line.

3. Angle the toes of your rear foot slightly toward the ground and keep your knees bent. In this position you’ll resemble a sprinter crouching in the blocks. (Image 1)

4. Lean your upper body slightly over the handlebars and keep your weight centered.

5. Roll up to the object at jogging speed, keeping your cranks horizontal.

6. Concentrate on the correct footwork for the jump: Push your feet down, back, then up in one dynamic motion.

7. Crouch down on the bike just before the jump.

8. Use the footwork and the compression of your tires to explode upward. (Image 2)

9. Go slightly with the front tire first.

10. Lift the front tire up and throw your weight 45 degrees to the front and side. (Image 3)

11. Pull the rear of the bike along (initially, your body is almost over to the side, then you pull the bike under you). (Image 4)

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Practice this with something safe, such as a cardboard box, so you don’t damage the bike.

Be sure to get your rear tire off the ground; don’t leave it dangling.

“You must commit yourself,” notes Hans. “Half a move doesn’t get you anywhere. In fact, half a move can be dangerous.”