Arabian Trails

Hans Rey and Dave Watson explore the Kingdom of Jordan

By Carmen and Hans Rey Photos by Dean “Blotto” GrayWhen I received a phone call from the producer of the popular TV series, ‘Ride Guide’ asking me if I would like to go with them to Jordan in the Middle East, I was pretty excited. Jordan has been on my “Places to ride” list for a long time. Who wouldn’t want the chance to explore this ancient land as a biking destination? Most people have seen pictures of the sandstone city of Petra, I wanted to do more than see images, I wanted to be there and be in them. With that in mind, I hesitated for, oh, about a second, before I of course, said yes.

Scotland Adventure with Steve Peat, Danny MacAskill and Hans Rey

Peaty and I have been planning a trip to the Scottish Isle of Skye for a long time, when things finally started falling into place we invited YouTube sensation Danny MacAskill to join us. In whirlwind fashion the Scottish native has been living the dream of every kid in the world, since his film clip debut on the internet a little more than a year ago and has become the most watched sports-clip on YouTube of all time, with nearly 18 million viewers to date.


I returned from my first trip to Livigno this season. It was good to be back in this beautiful italian alpine village. The snow was finally melted (almost), the alpine flowers were in bloom and there was some fun new lines and trails, especially in the Swatch Mottolino Bike Park.The first two days I was part of an "Educational" seminar, with several tour operators, bike shop owners and media representatives to explore Livigno and the fantastic riding and biking infrastructure.The first day we did a fun tour up the legendary transalp pass, "Alpisella", on the very top was still a small snowfield. We had lunch at Alp Trela, a typical remote alpine farm, that serves fresh goods for hikers and bikers on their way through to Tre Palle, an All Star singletrail that loops back to Livigno.


I just finished a fantastic week in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with the current UCI #1 ranked Trials rider in the world, Kenny Belaey from Belgium.We were actually filming a 30 Min. TV show for Kenny’s TV series on the Extreme Sports Channel. Kenny had asked me to take him on some epic mountain bike rides - adventure style; while he planned on taking me trials riding and blowing my mind with some incredible moves. Well, let me just say, ‘he succeeded’.


While sitting in a luxury game lodge enjoying a big breakfast, watching a warthog drinking from the nearby waterhole, I’m reflecting on the last two weeks in Africa, which were extremely exciting, productive and adventurous but not exactly as luxurious as the lodge I spent the last night in.
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